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Thank you for considering Indigenous Eats for your catering needs. Here’s some information to help answer any initial questions.

For all pick-up orders, we require 24 hours’ notice, and for delivery orders, a 48- hour notice. We understand that things come up and you may need a last-minute order, so feel free to give us a call.

Catering can be picked up with no additional charge, or we can deliver for a 10% service fee. We package all orders in our food-grade containers and serving utensils, which customers are responsible for returning to the restaurant, unless otherwise arranged.

The minimum catering order is 30 entrees.

Prices are based on the type of protein; choose 1 protein per 30 entrees ordered:

Ground beef            

$12.50 / per person

Ground bison          

$15.00 / per person


$10.50 / per person  We’ll portion extra beans for vegetarian

Diced chicken         

$13.50 / per person

Choice of base is frybread or wild rice; no minimum required but specify how many of each to match per entrée.

Beans are included, and you may choose 1 type per 30 entrees ordered; Pinto, Chili, or Black beans.

Toppings included, and portioned per entree: shredded cheese blend, diced tomato, diced onion, shredded lettuce, sliced pickled jalapeno, and sour cream. 

Salsa is included, and portioned per entrée; choose 1 type per 30 entrees; Red, Tomatillo, or Pico de gallo.

Plates and napkin-wrapped utensils (heavy-duty knife and fork) can be provided for .40 per person. To-go boxes are available for .50 per person.

Ready to order or have additional questions? 

Call us at 509-850-9292, fill out the catering form below, or email us at!